Jewelry Repair

Thanks for contacting us about your Lois Hill jewelry.

All Lois Hill items are guaranteed for 2 years against normal wear and tear.  Watches have a 2-year warranty.

Repair Timeline:
Repairs take 4-6 weeks upon receiving your piece.  A valid receipt is needed, and online purchases are recorded.

Repair cost:
Charges are based on labor and time.

Submission Options:
Expedite by sending a photo via WhatsApp or complete the form.
For a prompt response, WhatsApp us at +1 646 852 2046.  We accept repairs for items up to 5 years old.

Format for Inquiry:
  • Type of Product (e.g., Necklace, Watch):

  • Email:

  • Name:

  • Contact Number:

  • Shipping Address:

  • Date of Purchased:

  • Location of Purchase:

  • Brief Description of the Problem:

  • Attach Item Photo:

or fill this form for repairs.
Response Time:
Our team will review and respond quickly.  Thanks for choosing Lois Hill Jewelry!