Jewelry Repair

Thank you for your inquiry regarding your Lois Hill repair or replacement.
Please note all Lois Hill items are Guaranteed for normal wear and tear for 2 years from purchase date.
Lois Hill Watches have a 2 year Warranty.
Please note all repairs will take 4 - 6 weeks once we receive your actual piece.
Receipt or Proof of Purchase will be required. If purchased via our Website we will have record of the purchase.
Charges for repairs will be evaluated on labor and time required.
Do you have a repair you'd like to inquire about?
For quick response:    +1 458 710 8789
Please note we only accept repairs up to 5 years old.
Send a photo of the item you are inquiring about, 
repair you need, personal, details, etc. 
OR Complete the form below: 

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We will respond with:
  • Confirmation that such a repair can be done depending on the item and season.
  • Repair Cost.
  • Approximate Repair Time.
  • Return Authorization Number & Address to mail the item to.
We look forward to assisting you!